Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a cake cost?
The final price for a cake will be dependent on the size of the cake, the sugar work and detail.
You can contact us for a consultation where we can give you an accurate price. However below are the starting prices for all of our cakes:

Birthday Cakes – $170+GST upwards
Novelty Sculpted 3D cakes – $200+GST upwards
Decorated Cupcakes – $ 4.50+GST upwards
Wedding Cakes – A 3 tier 5,7,9 inch wedding cake begins at $395 +GST with additional cost dependent on extra decorations , quantity of sugar work required and extra depth in tiers.

What size cake will I need to order?
The following measurements are for coffee sized portions which are typical for wedding cake. A coffee sized portion is typically 1 inch x 1 inch x height of the cake and otherwise known as a finger serving.

If you are planning on serving dessert sized portions then number of servings you will get from each cake halves.

Round Cakes

  • 6 inch = 20 coffee sized portions
  • 7 inch = 30 coffee sized portions
  • 8 inch = 50 coffee sized portions
  • 9 inch = 60 coffee sized portions
  • 10 inch = 75 coffee sized portions
  • 11 inch = 90 coffee sized portions
  • 12 inch = 120 coffee sized portions

Square Cakes

  • 6 inch = 35 coffee sized portions
  • 7 inch = 45 coffee sized portions
  • 8 inch = 60 coffee sized portions
  • 9 inch = 80 coffee sized portions
  • 10 inch = 100 coffee sized portions
  • 11 inch = 120 coffee sized portions
  • 12 inch = 140 coffee sized portions

What flavours, icing and fillings can I choose from?
Cake flavours

Classic Fruit
Red Velvet
Chocolate Mudcake
Vanilla Madeira
Lemon Syrup

Icing Flavours

White Chocolate

Filling Flavours

Salted Caramel
Passionfruit Curd
Lemon Curd
Hazelnut Praline

How much notice is needed to book my cake?
For wedding cakes 3 months notice is needed during peak wedding season (November to April) to insure you cake is secured. Outside of this peak season and for all other celebration cakes 4 weeks notice is advisable.

Can I try the cake flavours?
We highly recommend you book a consultation where you can discuss and finalise your cake design and taste what flavours are available. The best way to arrange this is to fill out the pre-consultation form on our contacts page or call us on (03) 477-3922.

Can I have my cake delivered?
Yes we offer a delivery service for a small fee of $20 to cover travel expenses. Alternatively you can collect your cake. All cakes are packed in a hard box and are easily transportable. We do recommend that if you are collecting your cake that you take it straight to your venue to ensure its safety.