Embrace The Scepticism – Paranormal Investigating

You hear the cliché bump in the night and instantly your mind locks on the thought that it’s a ghost. It’s not unusual to jump to conclusions when experiencing something strange. As a paranormal investigator it is for this reason that I believe it is important to retain an element of scepticism. But I also believe that it is important for any diehard sceptics to keep an open mind.

Guest blog writer for Llewellyn Worldwide, Deonna Kelli Sayed writes about the four types of paranormal investigators, Faith based, Client based, Scientific based and Legend Tripping. For me personally using science based methods is important in working towards proving the existence of a paranormal world.

Not every piece of evidence you collect or experience is going to be paranormal. A large percentage can be debunked as natural causes such as light reflection, noise contamination, matrixing etc. It is for this reason that it is important to debunk first.

Debunking the paranormal means you are proving something to be other than a spirit. You are proving it to be false. Once you have found a rational explanation for something, it goes in the explainable category. However, if you are unable to find a valid explanation, you can then continue gathering evidence to back up the paranormal theory.

Another important point is it is easier to debunk something you are present for. I often get sent various forms of evidence with people asking my opinion on them. My rule of thumb is that if I’m not present for capturing the evidence then I will place it in the potential debunk pile. If I have not been able to have the opportunity to experience what took place, I cannot confidently analyse it.

Unfortunately this seems to be a common issue with “evidence” of the paranormal being posted to social media these days. People assume because it’s on a social platform that it must be real. However I would say from observing that 99% of it is fake or a hoax. This is doing a real disservice to the paranormal community and unfortunately it is some of our own members responsible.

People trust science and we live with the hope that one day science will provide us with the answers we seek. So continue with scepticism, debunk first and rely on scientific discovery to validate our theories so we may one day be taken seriously.


Paranormal Equipment Guide – A Starting Point

Despite the grandiosity of equipment you see on paranormal shows, for a small outlay you can have the key pieces of equipment you need to start you on your investigative journey.

  1. Audio Recorder
    Audio Recorder
    You will need this for recording Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) which are voices you may not hear in real time but are picked up by the device.
    You can pick one up for around $25 on Trade Me. Be sure that it has USB for transferring files to your computer for analysis.

  2. EMF Detector
    This detects potential energy spikes which could be due to spirit energy. There are three price ranges to choose from.
    A cheap standard EMF Reader is around $20 on Trade Me
    EMF Detector Cheap

    A midrange K2 EMF Reader is around $80 NZD
    K2 EMF Meter

    A top range Mel Meter (including temperature readings) is around $140 NZD
    Mel Meter EMF

  3. Spirit Box & External Speaker
    Spirit Box SB7

    This uses radio frequencies which it sweeps at fast rates to create white noise for voices to come through.
    You can only purchase these from online stores so the standard price is $97 NZD plus most stores include a free external speaker which you will need.

  4. Night Vision Camera
    Spirits often show more clearly on different light spectrum’s such as infrared and ultra violet. There are two price options to explore. The first being to purchase a cheap or second hand camcorder and convert it to infrared or full spectrum. The second being to purchase one already converted. GhostStop shop has a full spectrum camera for $260 NZD but it pays to shop around.

  5. Digital Camera
    Full Spectrum Digital Camera

    This is an important piece of equipment for capturing visual evidence. You can either use a standard digital camera or a converted camera for infrared or full spectrum. It can be handy to have both which you can switch between. You can pick up a standard camera from Trade Me for cheap or you can purchase one from an online store such GhostStop shop for $260NZD.

These five items are a good starting point for a beginner investigator and is enough to master initially. I encourage you to research further equipment as you become more experienced and always be sure to shop around for the best prices.

Top Trends For Wedding Cakes 2017

Just like fashion, there are ever changing trends when it comes to wedding planning, styles and themes. If you are stuck for ideas or would like to follow the trends for this year, here is a list of some of the trends for 2017.

Lace Wedding Cakes

Lace has often been associated with more traditional style weddings. Thankfully in 2017 traditional still stands the test of time.

This style of cake is perfect if you are planning a vintage theme or simply love the classics.

lace cake










Hand Painted Cakes

The popularity of hand painted cakes is definitely on the rise. It’s like having your own personal piece of artwork commissioned for you.

At Cakealicious Cakes we can hand paint anything your creative heart desires. This design is perfect if you have a specific picture or design you would like added to your cake.

hand painted

Ruffled Cakes

Ruffles offer an element of romance which is perfect for a wedding as it is the ultimate expression of love and romance.

If you are planning a wedding of sophisticated romance then this style is the perfect compliment to your theme.

ruffle cake

Geode Cakes

Geode cakes are a recent addition to cake trends as of 2016. They offer an element of raw beauty which we think is the perfect theme when celebrating love.

If you are looking for a modern style cake, or simply love things that sparkle, this cake will be the perfect addition to your big day.

geode cake

Marble Effect Cakes

When we think of marble we envision beautiful mansions with grand sweeping marble staircases and opulent floors.

This style of cake is perfect if you are planning a glamorous themed wedding. You can add elegance to your special day with this particular theme.

marble cake

Botanical Cakes

Botanical cakes offer something both simple and beautiful. Best coupled with a light coloured icing, the splash of greenery stands out creating a striking contrast.

This style of cake is perfect for those going for a more natural or rustic theme. 

botanical cake

If any of these cake styles have grabbed your attention or you have your own cake design in mind then please contact us to discuss.


Flavour Favourites -The Top 5 Cake Flavours

You’ve already chosen your design concept for your big day. It holds special meaning for you and matches your wedding colours. But now you need to decide on the flavour of your cake.

Having to make all these decisions surrounding the planning of your wedding can be daunting for the best of us. So we are going to help you wrap your head around cake flavours by telling you the top 5 cake flavours chosen for wedding cakes.

  1. Red Velvet – With its rich red colour and its hint of chocolate flavour, it makes the perfect choice to celebrate love. Often paired with cream cheese icing it’s no surprise this flavour is a classic.
  2. Chocolate – You can’t possibly go wrong with a traditional chocolate cake. Who doesn’t love a rich chocolate cake that will tantalise the taste buds? It’s also the more versatile of flavours as you can mix and match it easily with a verity of icing and filling combinations.
  3. Lemon – With its light yet citrus tang this flavour is great for those that don’t like a heavy and rich flavour in their cake. This is a perfect choice for a wedding that is set in the warmer months.
  4. Vanilla – This is another classic when it comes to cake flavours. Vanilla is often given a bad name for being boring, however like the chocolate cake you can mix and match to create amazing combinations and collaborations of flavour with icing and fillings.
  5. Carrot – If you are looking for something a little non traditional then carrot cake is an excellent choice. While typically a dense cake it is also soft and moist and beautifully teamed with a cream cheese icing.

If none of these flavours appeal to you then you can go to our frequently asked questions page to take a look at our full list of cake flavours, fillings and icings.

If you’d like to discuss cake options then please contact us.